Our Practice

The Luxembourg authorities promote the economic growth of the country and adopt flexible and pragmatic policies to assist its status as a worldwide respected financial centre.

Luxembourg is well known for its business and holding companies, investment funds and banks. It offers a flexible onshore range of corporate structures such as securitization vehicles, companies designed to protect family assets, limited companies and venture capital vehicles. Luxembourg has also ratified the Hague Convention on Trusts and offers certain trust arrangements.

Our clients range from law firms from around the globe requiring the services of a Luxembourg law firm for their clients to entrepreneurs using Luxembourg as a neutral base for their business affaires. Clients come to us to take care of Luxembourg holding companies for international groups, to structure a proposed international trade via the UK, Luxembourg or a tax neutral country and to take advantage of Luxembourg's many and expanding double tax treaties with countries around the world.

We are pleased to advise on Luxembourg corporate, tax and banking law and in particular we aim to understand the international aspect of your question and if necessary to act as the "intermediary" between opposing legal or cultural systems.