A Short Synopsis of Luxembourg

France to the south, Germany to the East and Belgium to the West. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg dates back to the year 963 when it was seen as strategically placed and of political importance. Today Luxembourg is a trusted onshore jurisdiction with approximately 460,000 residents almost half of which are foreign nationals. Additionally many Belgians, French and Germans cross the border daily to work in Luxembourg. The official languages are French and German whilst Luxembourgish is the national language and English is often the business language of choice.

Situated in the heart of Europe and a founding member of the European Union, Luxembourg is both politically stable and economically prosperous. Luxembourg houses the European Court of Justice, the European Investment Bank and other European establishments such as parts of the European Commission.

Luxembourg is approximately two hours by train from Paris and just over one hour by plane from London. There are regular direct flights to many European cities.

The Royal family is head of state whilst the government is made up of a cabinet of Ministers and Secretaries of State and the chamber of deputies holds legislative power.